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22 August 

Sam Anning/Craig Fermanis/Mark Fitzgibbon Trio


Filling in for Andrea this week is the wonderful trio of Sam Anning - bass, Craig Fermanis - guitar and Mark Fitzgibbon - piano.

Uptown is very proud to present, the new Tuesday residency for the wonderful pianist and composer, Andrea Keller.


With their beginnings in January 2016, 'Transients' are a series of trios assembled by Andrea Keller, inspired by the philosophy and legacy of esteemed mentor Allan Browne. Based on a collective approach, the music strives for human connection and meaningful dialogue. The trios perform compositions by all members, free improvisations and a few standards as well.

'Transients I' w/ Julien Wilson (bass clarinet/tenor saxophone) & Sam Anning (double bass)
'Transients II' w/ Christopher Hale (bass guitar) & James McLean (drums)
'Transients III' w/ Ben Robertson (double bass) & Lewis Pierre-Humbert (drums)
'Transients IV' w/ Eugene Ball (trumpet) & Tamara Murphy (double bass)
'Transients V' with Stephen Magnusson (guitar) & James McLean (drums)
and many special guests to come.

"Pianist Andrea Keller - whose contributions to this festival were a highlight - joined Eugene Ball on trumpet and Tamara Murphy on bass for Transients IV, one of Keller's trios inspired by and in memory of the late Allan Browne. There was so much magnetism and space in the originals they played that I did not want to leave."
- Review of Transients IV at Wangaratta Jazz Festival by Roger Mitchell, Ausjazz, November 1, 2016.

"Wonderful compositions by Keller and Anning. Keller's tribute to the late John Taylor, a pianist and mentor, entitled 'Grateful, Hopeful, Joyful', was breathtakingly beautiful".
- Review of Transients I at Wangaratta Jazz Festival by Roger Mitchell, Ausjazz, November 1, 2016.

$15/10 entry

2 sets from 8.30pm




23 August

special guest Shannon Barnett

The most happening Be-bop band in the land.

Phil Noy - alto saxophone
James Sherlock - guitar
Mark Elton - acoustic bass
Sam Bates - drums

special guest - Shannon Barnett - trombone

Now into the 7th year of their Wednesday residency at Uptown, stretching the tunes of the bop masters Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Tad Dameron, MIles Davis and beyond. One of the most remarkable ensembles to come out of the Melbourne be-bop tradition in a long time.

Swinging, grooving and bopping the Uptown stage every Wednesday, it's a must.

$15 entry

2 sets from 8.30pm


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24 August
Melbourne Improvisers Collective


The best in new and emerging talent on the Melbourne jazz scene

2 sets from 8.30pm


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24 August

The Ted Vining Trio


The Ted Vining Trio is one of the most hard-swinging and enduring jazz groups in Australian jazz history.

When the Ted Vining Trio's first record was released in 1977 the group was considered one of the most tightly-knit groups in Australia.

Ted, pianist Bob Sedergreen and bassist Barry Buckley first got together in August 1969, and have played around the world ever since as a high sought-after rhythm section. They create a very potent chemistry when they play together, and continue to push boundaries and stretch themselves musically.

During the seventies they worked as three quarters of the Brian Brown Quartet and as a trio have performed at all of Australia's major jazz festivals and venues now for 35 years.

The trio is now a well-oiled, fully integrated unit. Ted Vining rarely takes the limelight ... sometimes subtle, sometimes an assertive powerhouse. The inventive Bob Sedergreen joyrides over a countryside made up of mostly jazz standards, sometimes reminding you of Dudley Moore. Now joined by young bass player Gareth Hill, the trio continues to deliver a classic repertoire of standards of the highest class, keeping the hard-driving swing for which they are famous.

Says Adrian Jackson: "The three play with one mind, settling into a perfectly synchronised groove, continually throwing ideas at each other, without anyone ever being caught off guard. It is a though they have been playing together all their lives. If only more bands could communicate with each other, and their listeners, so effectively."

2 sets from 8.30pm



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26 August

8pm -  The Mark Fitzgibbon Trio

6pm -  Atienne Bakker Quartet

8pm -  The Mark Fitzgibbon Trio

One of Australia’s finest musicians, internationally acclaimed jazz pianist Mark Fitzgibbon returns to Uptown this Saturday night.

Having lived in London in the 1980’s performing at Ronnie Scotts and throughout Europe for the, Mark has accompanied many international jazz stars such as Scott Hamilton, Lee Konitz, John Stubblefield, Curtis Lundy, Claire Martin, Mark Murphy and George Coleman jr.

Winner of the National jazz awards at the Wangarratta jazz festival, he has worked and recorded with with many of Australias finest jazz performers including Dale Barlow, Bernie Mcgann, Vince Jones, Christine Mcnulty, Jamie Oehlers, Scott Tinkler, Ian Chaplin and Wilbur Wilde, as well as his own trios and quartets.

“Mark Fitzgibbon is one of the most under rated talents in the country. Always musically tasteful , a consistently sympathetic accompanist , a repository of a vast repertoire and an impeccable touch, he can produce blistering solos and lift the music to another level” -Adrian Jackson the AGE

6pm -  Atienne Bakker Quartet - Dial 61

Celebrating everyone's favourite country calling code, this newly formed group will pay tribute to many of the great composers and players that have lived, played, and composed in the land down under. Working through the music of Australian musicians the likes of Bernie McGann, Dale Barlow, Judy Bailey, Bruce Cale, Bob Bertles, Don Burrows, Mark Simmonds, and more, the band will present a rich tapestry of Aussie music new and old.

Atienne Bakker - Guitar
Stephen Byth - Tenor Saxophone 
Sam Anning - Double Bass
Luke Andresen - Drums

doors 5.30pm, music from 6.00


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08 September

The Firemen


The Bamboos go instrumental and become
"The Firemen"

Playing solid funk in the tradition of Grant Green and Herbie Hancock, there is no funkier ensemble....


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